At AREA Real Estate (a.k.a. Coldwell Banker AREA), it’s always about the client! We assist our clients to make valued decisions, build fundamentally sound foundation for their investments, guide them to built upon the foundation and finally manage their portfolios. Our focus relies not only on excellent service but excellent after service, which has been the key to our success.


What we do

AREA Realtors are specifically trained to:

  • Ask the right questions
  • Listen with care
  • Identify concerns
  • Author appropriate solutions

Our Services

  • Local Residential Sales, Purchase & Leasing
  • Local Commercial/Industrial Sales, Purchase & Leasing
  • Overseas Real Estate Investment Opportunities
  • Property Management Services
  • Portfolio Management
  • Relocation Services
  • Investment/Enbloc Advisory
  • New Launch Purchase and Feasibility Study
  • Real Estate Training & Development
  • Mortgage Advisory Services.

Our History

  • 2013. Inauguration of Authors Real Estate Advisory

    The first of the many milestone was planted on the 8th of September 2013 when AREA was incorporated as a licenced real estate service provider. After a good one year of business and building a strong foundation AREA moved into its first office at High Street Plaza. AREA and its advisors have concluded a multitude of successful sales and lease transactions locally and continue to do so providing personalized service.

  • 2015. Relocated to Vertex

    We moved to The Vertex in 2015 and are currently in the process of acquiring our own office by 2017. The progress of AREA since 2013 has been exemplary considering the weak market sentiments which started in 2014 till date. This would not have been possible without the continuous support of our clients, partners and amazing agents.

  • 2016. Concluded a deal with SwitchOn Pte Ltd

    SwitchOn will be the IT support for AREA and both are in the process of introducing new digital marketing platforms for the real estate industry. More information will be shared towards product launch period..

  • 2016. Partnered with Coldwell Banker Singapore

    AREA took up a franchise with Coldwell Banker Singapore on the 1st of October 2016. Although the entity remains as AREA Real Estate Pte Ltd, AREA will henceforth be known as Coldwell Banker AREA. Our agents now enjoy an additional office at Mountbatten Square and are affiliated with over 3000 worldwide Coldwell Banker offices based in 49 countries.


Our mission

To constantly stay connected with our clients and provide excellent service and trusted advise through our expertise and timely updates which will help build and enhance their investment portfolio.

Our vision

To become a people’s brand in the real estate industry by creating real value for all our clients