AREA is a unique Real Estate Advisory that equips our advisors with high levels of knowledge, skill and attitude to handle the ever demanding real estate industry. In a nutshell, an AREA advisor is trained to facilitate and handle communications at almost any level.

An AREA advisor will be trained to possess and/or deliver the following:

  • Good Listening Skills
  • Research based advise
  • Regional Real Estate Comparisons
  • Current Affairs Knowledge
  • Economic and Political Knowledge within the region
  • Professional Etiquette & Discipline
  • Killer Presentations
  • Excellent Project Management Skill
  • Time optimization
  • Good Networking Skills
  • Great Negotiation Skills
  • Good Relationship Skills

AREA welcomes talented and dedicated professionals from all walks of life to join our family. If you are ready to grow with us on this exciting and rewarding journey, kindly send us an email to

Shortlisted candidates who meet CEA’s requirements will be notified.